WMS ( warehouse management system ) Visual SACA

Flexible, functionally complete and modular WMS, with one of the biggest ROI in industry, with a standard parametric interface with ERPs

Intensive use of bar codes or rfid tags to avoid errors

Increases storage capacity

Increases operator productivity

Reduces operation errors

Eliminates the administrative work linked to the warehouse

Allows batch effective control and full traceability of materials

Provides optimal shipping documentation and a full labeling material and expeditions

Improved communication with clients (intranet-extranet logistics)

Direct integration and control of automatic machinery

24 years from the first installation, but completely updated. State of the art tecnology

Voice Picking in Android made with the WMS SACA

Wearable Android portable terminal user with the WMS SACA

WMS ( warehouse management system ) Visual SACA

With the first installation made over 24 years ago, the WMS (Warehouse Management System) Visual SACA is having one one of the oldest presence in  the market and was always conceived and designed as a standard software package.

Initially most of the installations were made mostly in warehouses with automatic machinery, due to rf spectrum regulations making difficult to have band assignements for medium size warehouses, but later on, with the launch of the first mobile computers with pre-wifi and wifi  links the use of its rf-pda module became popular,so it was included in the base module of Visual SACA and allowed the access to WMS software even to SME.

With a standard and customizable ERP link module and work procedures tailored to the problems of the real company, it has always introduced innovations in the market that have allowed companies to improve their internal logistics with a fast return on investment.

In all of these years the WMS Visual SACA presented innovations such as algorithms to allow the use variable dimension bins that have allowed a greater use of the existing storage space in traditional warehouses as well as the pick-to-box procedure that has allowed to improve the picking processes in areas of SKUs of medium and low turnover, all of this also allowing the coexistence in the same facility with standard procedures as simple chaotic bin location or fixed bin location, wave picking or wave-picking with put to light, pick-to-light, direct control of shuttle ,carousels, paternosters, stacker cranes and miniloads, etc.

The WMS Vidual SACA has also added the latest technologiesused in logistics and automatic identification, such as voice picking (voice-picking), RFID, etc.

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