WMS ( warehouse management system ) Visual SACA » Picking pick to light

In warehouses having high turnover SKUs, one of the solutions having one of the greatest ROI and greater picking speed is the one made using pick to light displays to show  warehouse operators the bin locations and the quantities to be picked. The WMS Visual SACA has an optional module to work with this kind of displays and allows warehouses with a mixed solutions, using pick to light displays in the high turnover SKUs storage areas and RF terminals with bar code scanners in the medium and low turnover SKUs storage areas.

For pick to light picking areas, the warehouse normally uses dynamic picking selves, or picking selves as a lowest cost solution, placing the pick to light displays in the from of the selves, usually one pick to light display under each bin. All the displays a linked to intelligent hubs using a RS485 multidrop serial bus, and all the hubs linked to the WMS computer though wired ethernet or wifi links, using tcp/ip.

Usually there are also alphanumeric displays and bar code readers linked to the hubs and used by the WMS to show the orders to be picked into the boxes arriving to the different picking areas.

In each picking wave the WMS uses the data of the SKUs in the batch to control the displays. This data uses to be the order number in which the SKU is included, display number of the SKU bin and quantity to be picked. When a picking wave begins, the picking operator read the bar code of the box and with this data the WMS knows the order or orders included in that picking box, so the WMS switch on the displays placed under the right bins. The operator pick up the SKUs and confirm those picking jobs pressing the key on each display, that will switch off and store the data to be picked up later on by the WMS computer.

For further information please refer to the web www.picktolight.es