WMS ( warehouse management system ) Visual SACA » Voice picking module

To improve the productivity in warehouse's box picking areas, the Visual SACA WMS has an optional voice picking module that can coexist with the guided RF terminals normal picking. This voice picking module also support pick box procedures, allowing to prepare several orders at the same time, and can be used in normal RF terminals, which can be used for the other processes in the warehouse.

The operator wears headsets earphones with noise-canceling microphone connected to a normal RF terminal used in other processes in the warehouse. This connection can be wired or even wireless if the operator works with a pick-orders and a truck terminal.

The RF terminal can be a normal one or one of the "wearable" type, with or without scanner for bar code reading, even it is always advised to use one for other warehouse tasks or even for picking confirmation when using voice picking, as the system can combine the vocal orders with confirmation by means of SKUs barcode reading. In these cases the use of RF terminals of the "wearable" tipe and wrist or finger scanners is always recommended as they still allows for hands-free operation.